A Horse of Course explores the numerous ways in which the horse has inspired artists throughout the ages. No animal has been more important to us, or figured more prominently in our art, than the horse. This exhibition is a testament to the magnificence of the horse throughout history and its changing image over time. A wide variety of artists are represented, ranging from George Stubbs, to Edgar Degas, to Deborah Butterfield. The twelve photographic reproductions are selected from the permanent collections at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. While this exhibition is perfect for K – 12 students, anyone interested in horses or art history will find the diversity of works fascinating.

While in modern times the utilitarian context of the horse has faded with the emergence of the automobile, the equine image has not lost its ability to inspire. However, artistic depictions of the horse today are drastically different from what they were in the past. Contemporary artists, like Deborah Butterfield, have made horse sculptures out of media never used in traditional representations. This evolution in artistic renderings reflects the ever-present, albeit changing, role of a beautiful and captivating animal.

​On loan from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts from October 31 - January 2.  Free and open to the public