The Bowling Green Arts Commission (BGAC) was formed in July 2007 to foster art appreciation and experience in the historic town of Bowling Green and its surrounding Caroline County, Virginia. The BGAC has thrived due to its emphasis on utilizing the inspiration and skills of its members, who arrive with a variety of artistic backgrounds and specializations.  While the initial focus was on the visual arts, including painting, sketching, sculpture, pottery and artistic design, the scope of interest has recently expanded to include the nurturing of music as a form of artistic expression.

Sidney E. King Arts Center

The Bowling Green Arts Commission is proud of its acquisition of the Sidney E. King paintings depicting scenes from the Civil War.  These paintings will be the centerpiece of the new arts building in the center of town.  The building will house a variety of artwork, as well as provide studio and classroom space for established and beginning artists from Bowling Green, Caroline County, and beyond.

Bowling Green Arts Commission

117 Butler Street, Town Hall (P.O. Box 468)

Bowling Green, VA 22427


Recent News

Cephas Marker Dedication and Festival Success

The VA Dept of Historic Markers honored blues performer "Bowling Green" John Cephas on Saturday, June 21st. See the Events page for more details and photos from the event.

Summer Art Classes start July 8th!

Children five years old or older are encouraged to attend. Go to the Classes page to learn more and download an application.

‚ÄčPainting Auction

The above painting by Jim Thomas (a student of Sidney King) continues to be displayed at the Sidney E. King Arts Center. The auction for this painting will be held during the 6th and last Music on the Green event Aug. 22. Please keep checking this page for more information.